Statement of Intent on Well-Being

National Ski Patrol is committed to creating and supporting a culture of wellness, safety, and resilience for all our members and those whom we serve. Honoring NSP core values, we will provide our community with the awareness, leadership, guidance, education, and resources needed to help ensure their emotional and mental well-being. 


Environment Statement of Intent

National Ski Patrol (NSP) recognizes our reliance on the outdoor environment in which we collectively ski, ride and patrol.

As a community of leaders and public service providers, NSP aims to take greater responsibility in protecting and caring for the places and climate that unite in our purpose.

NSP is committed to taking meaningful and deliberate steps to reduce our own environmental impact, create a culture and values that embeds environmental responsibility into our core, increase environmental awareness and education within NSP and the greater public, and promote accountability and actionable ecological solutions with ourselves and our community.